Step aside, Big G: Roll your own Google Voice and Google Talk inside browser with Phono from Voxeo Labs

If anything, the success of Google proves that anyone with unwavering determination and technical know-how can transform Web services. Who doesn’t want to be like the Big G, eh?

Now’s your chance. Earlier today, at the jQuery Conference in Boston Voxeo Labs made it a little easier for any developer to become a mini Google, especially in the area of Web telephony (ala Google Voice) and communications (ala Google Talk).

Say hello to Phono and the PhonoSDK is live for download:

PhonoSDK is a simple jQuery Javascript plug-in that turns any Web browser into a multi-channel communications platform capable of placing and receiving VoIP telephone calls from the browser as well as handling real-time chat communications and more.

PhonoSDK allows jQuery developers to easily add and style a softphone in any Web browser application and in minutes call any SIP address and receive calls to the SIP address dynamically create onReady.  Many web services already speak SIP such as TropoTeleku, and Voxeo, platforms.  Tropo allows Web developers to build sophisticated telephony applications like banking IVR systems with a simple RESTful Web API that can be controlled by the user’s voice or touch tones from their browser using the PhonoSDK!

This will be disruptive on another level unseen in communications. Just imagine: the ability to easily pair the ubiquitous Web browser with a vast cloud communications infrastructure from Voxeo to enable multichannel communications…for FREE.

If you own a company it’s time to update the website’s “click to call” feature to really mean “click to call” and not “click to get a call back.” Why still go through the telephone or cell phone when the customer can easily speak through the browser?

If you implement contact center projects it’s time to rethink that softphone on the agent’s desktop, especially if the center is already VOIP-enabled and the agents work on Web-based CRM screens. Better yet, you can skin it anyway you want.

If you develop Web apps — well, it’s never been a better time to take your Web app up a notch with multichannel communications features. Voice, IM, SMS, tweets, etc. — don’t be intimidated, try it!

We sure live in exciting, cloudy, mashable times — thanks to a company like Voxeo.


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