Guest post: AT&T, T-Mobile winners with Windows Phone 7 arrival

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is finally unveiled. John Stepp, president of Free Tech Consultants, offers his take with this guest post on the Redmond Giant’s latest endeavor to shatter the Apple iOS-Android-Blackberry stronghold.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love my NexusOne.  I am using the Voice Search feature all the time, a feature seemingly missing from Windows Phone 7.  But the new Windows Phone 7 is a very compelling feature rich mobile platform and will be successful in the market place for a number of reasons.  How big a success is up to question.  There is no question that out of the gate, AT&T and T-Mobile are big winners.

All the feature of Windows Phone 7 can be reviewed on their web site, but here are a few that I think make it a stand out product for Enterprise Communications:

1)    The Live Tiles that show messages, social media status, appointments, apps, etc.

2)    The Me Card that allows you to update your profile and picture across social media sites

3)    Office Mobile offers tight integration to Office apps including SharePoint.

4)    The obvious future tight integration with Microsoft Lync Server 2010

5)    The find my phone feature that will erase your phone remotely and give you a map to your phone

There are other great features, too, but many are for the consumer market.  So, to me, those that short change the Win Phone 7 announcement are missing the tremendous integration promise this operating system delivers now and promises in the future.  For enterprise Microsoft shops and those that will buy or upgrade to Lync for UC telephony services would be foolish not to look at Windows Phone 7 for their employees.

AT&T and T-Mobile are the big winners here and now.  T-Mobile gets the Win Phone 7 with the largest display (HTC HD7) to attract eyeballs to their web page and to their stores.  Now they have two state of the art phones with the Google Android G2.  AT&T has the widest variety of Win Phone 7’s to go along with the Apple iPhone 4 to get people flocking to them.  So, both of these carriers will get a substantial boost in traffic which will boost sales for all their products.

All in all, the Windows Phone 7 announcement is an exciting development for smart phone users.  It will change the playing field for Apple, Google, HP and RIM.  It will be interesting to see what competitive offerings develop in the future and what businesses end up doing with their mobile communications.  Please feel free to tweet any comments (I have a short attention span) to @freetechconsult.  I may or may not retweet them, but I will definitely reply.


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