This week insideCTI: 10/3/10 – 10/9/10

This week, of course, has been mainly about ITEXPO West and StartupCamp.

Guest blogger John Stepp of Free Tech Consultants attended the Avaya event on Sunday evening and got a real close look at the famed Avaya Flare video device (a fancy way to say Avaya-made Android tablet). Check out the video of Avaya VP Christian von Reventlow showing off the device.

StartupCamp Comm Edition coverage on Monday night was covered by gagagadget writer Grant Roe as cross posts. Reports for the night and the first presenting company, AdelaVoice, are here and here. I’ve been told that more posts will come so stay tuned…

This week we also all learned about what Cisco was up to with Skype, or vice versa. Evidently it wasn’t about an acquisition. Well, sort of — Skype’s “acquisition” of Cisco SVP Tony Bates. Skype’s just lining up the ducks to ready an IPO…

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