Clearer picture emerge about Skype and Cisco

Cisco interested in Skype? The unconfirmed “story” first came from TechCrunch and got picked up by other blogs.

But now we have a better picture of what happened: Skype courted Cisco SVP Tony Bates to be CEO. It wasn’t Cisco wanting to acquire Skype — Skype only wanted to hire one of Cisco’s SVP. This was a move to prep Skype for its IPO.

I remember Tony Bates at VoiceCon Orlando 2010 (need a refresher?). His presentation was one of the most impressive. His role at Cisco can easily seal the deal for anyone looking for an effective executive. According to TechCrunch:

…Skype’s new CEO is going to be Tony Bates, a senior VP at Cisco, who runs its Enterprise and Service Provider groups, which together account for about $30 billion worth of Cisco’s business. Bates will be moving to Skype HQ in Luxembourg and will begin his duties at the end of October.

Bates’ willingness to leave Cisco speaks volumes of Skype’s prospects as it lines up resources to prepare for an IPO and transition into a public company…


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