ITEXPO West: Avaya Flare fuels passion for Android enterprise UC tablet

John Stepp, president of Free Tech Consultants, is on the ground in Los Angeles covering ITEXPO West. This is his account of the Sunday night Avaya event, Technology on Tap: Rethinking Design.

At the Avaya event Sunday night in Los Angeles I was fortunate enough to get one on one access with Flare designer Christian von Reventlow, Avaya’s VP of New Products, for a one on one discussion and video.  I must say it was strange doing a video interview with Christian and then later being video interviewed by TMCnet, especially since TMCnet had a huge HD camera with tripod and an interviewer with a microphone and I had a candy bar HD Samsung.  But it was great learning from Christian after his presentation about all things Flare.

There is so much to like about the Flare.  It is Android powered, easy to use, a great UC device and a fantastically designed user interface.  It instantly becomes one of the hottest products for video collaboration and unified communications.  On the heels of the Skype announcement, it also will become a powerful B2C tool for Avaya contact centers in the future.

Christian bought many different collaborators on his product and continues to look for input on next generation Flare (see video).  His team tossed out design after design until they got it right.  By examining a wide variety of products that people love to use, the design team created a template for the design of Flare.

1)    A fun product that brings a smile to the face of the user

2)    A product that fits human ergonomics

3)    A product that is easy to figure out (five minutes or less)

As you can see from the short video, Christian is looking for input from everyone and would welcome any advice.  This fits in with not only with the Android operating system but the spirit of the Android community as well. The Flare will in and of itself sell a lot of Avaya Auras.  The product is a game changer that not only creates a great end user experience, but lends itself to many customizable uses within the enterprise.  A good consultant (hint, hint) could find many things to use the Flare for given a few days of work within an enterprise that would drive excellent ROI to a company’s bottom line and improve communications internally and externally.  The Flare shows that Avaya is moving in the right direction and should bring both excitement and comfort to their Avaya and Nortel installed base.


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