This week insideCTI: 9/19/10 – 9/25/10

Here’s a roundup of this week’s posts if you were too busy during the week. Remember, you can always follow us via RSS as well as via Facebook (if it can stay up these days!) and Twitter.

Avaya tried to keep the Flare in the headlines with an interview by PCWorld of CEO Kevin Kennedy. Again, the UI experience looks very fluid, but I still cannot see how customers will go for a $2,000 Android-based tablet locked onto Avaya-only products. Not only because there are so many other way cheaper Android tablets out there, but also there are many existing free video conferencing apps with decent quality.

For four lucky startups it’s almost time to put on their game faces for StartupCamp: Comm Edition. The event is co-hosted with ITEXPO West and open to all registered attendees. Mark your calendar for Monday, October 4, and get there early to grab a good seat. Organizers are expecting a very big crowd.

And some good news for Genesys — Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report has the CTI company as a leader in Web customer service. The bad news? References are still complaining about Genesys’ technical support. Growing pains? Whatever the reason, there’s no excuse and Genesys should make it a #1 priority to resolve the issues, even if they are perceptions.

Have a great fall weekend!


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