Avaya CEO talks video and Flare

PCWorld has an interview with Kevin Kennedy, CEO of Avaya, about the recent announcement of the Flare Experience and a suite of video products.

As expected, Kennedy mentions the current expensive enterprise video conferencing solutions:

Today, the fact is that people buy isolated high-def video for enterprises and they probably spend $5,000-$6,000 to put that on their desks.


Today, I have a $6,000 device in my office, I have a conference room with a device that’s bigger and even more expensive, and at home I have no video. Would I be inclined to have a device that we shared today with the Flare experience on my desktop, in my conference room, as well as at my home, all for the price of what I have paid just for that one device? You bet I would.

Hmmm, makes the $2,000 “Avaya Desktop Video Device” seem cheap in comparison. Mission accomplished?

If Avaya’s intent is to showcase the UC software on the Android device, then it should’ve demonstrated Flare as an application, possibly available to any Android device, from tablets to smartphones. I’m sure most of today’s Android devices have enough horsepower to enjoy the Flare Experience. Imagine how many more users will try out Flare if it’s not just available on the $2,000 locked-down device. Of course, if it’s offered as an application then the price has to drop, but the trade off is the number of adopters. And I think acquiring more users is more important in today’s UC landscape, considering how many choices there are, especially with heavyweights Microsoft and Cisco aggressively marketing their UC products.

Yes, most enterprise video conferencing solutions would cost $5,000 or more. But the majority of video conference users are quite happy with just Skype or Google Talk at zero dollars.


One thought on “Avaya CEO talks video and Flare

  1. The Flare is a tremendous marketing coup by Avaya. Instead of ignoring the iPad and the Cisco Cius, Avaya has come up with a top notch UC interface and video strategy that complements its Avaya Aura product. Sure, early adopters will pay more, but there will be enough demand to make this product successful and pave the way for other mobile video enabled enterprise UC devices. Everyone may not afford one, but everyone will want one. It creates a new and improved image for Avaya.


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