This week insideCTI: 8/22/10 – 8/28/10

Can you believe that summer is almost gone?! Where did the time go???

Genesys finally revealed a bit more about its social media strategy, and I was grateful to have received a briefing about it. Apparently there was no shortage of interest from readers about this as site traffic surged quite a bit during the day of that posting. Bottom line: social media is something Genesys will not ignore in its product portfolio, and with the strategy it will be something to recommend to its clients, too. While many CRM vendors have incorporated social media features early on, at least we now know CTI is catching up.

What better way to enjoy autumn days than to immerse yourself in Internet telephony and witness in person the state of communications startups? All the while in gorgeous southern California, too. Mark your calendar for October 4 — StartupCamp Communications Edition, part of TMC’s IPEXPO. According to the organizer, this event is expected to break past attendance records again features even more presenting startups than before. You wouldn’t want to miss this if you want to check the pulse of the latest developments in this space!

Google also made quite a splash by enabling voice features within Gmail. Even more amazing was the speed at which Big G rolled it out to everyone. The company made it official within hours of the blogosphere going crazy with the news tip. Free calls within the U.S. and Canada (who doesn’t like free these days?). I gave it a try a few times and found it to be a decent experience, at least from a consumer perspective. I still don’t think Google Voice is ready for reliable enterprise use yet. However, I still welcome the inclusion of GV within Gmail, the one site that I always visit daily.

And since it is Friday, let’s all take it easy with this comic from The Oatmeal titled “Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service“… Oh yeah, feel the love, fellow contact center specialists!


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