Where the communications startup action will be

The economy’s in the dumps. Housing market in a slump. Stock markets are like a family of bears.

But believe it or not, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. See, entrepreneurs are a silly bunch. They’re risk takers, they’re great at exploiting opportunities, they’re blinded by ideas, they’re determined to eliminate the word “impossible” from the lexicon.

(Okay, so it also helps that their companies aren’t focused on the housing market…)

But startups and the entrepreneurial culture is vital to any economy. The Internet and the Web has evolved — 2.0, 3.0, whatever — all I know is that the Web waits for no one. That’s why events such as the StartupCamp Comm Edition is so important, not only for the presenting startups, not only for the tech industry, but also for our economy.

Mark your calendar: October 4 in Los Angeles, that’s where all the startup action will be.

The previous event in Miami was packed and featured startups like Close Haul, Fonolo (covered here before), Pebb.ly, and SayHired. These have already signed up for October: The 2600hz Project (covered here too), AdelaVoice, GeoGraffiti, Freespee, MedTaker, Ringio, Vokle, NumberTank, and Cloud Telecomputers. That’s more than twice the number of presenting startups than were in Miami!

Larry Lisser, founder of the event and partner of event organizer EMBRASE Business Consulting (and prominent Bay Area comm blogger), has this to share:

This is a StartupCamp exclusively focused on those innovating with communications technology. Ours efforts are all towards creating a unique opportunity for early stage companies to show off to both influencer and prospective customer audiences.

With all the excitement and activities surrounding the communications business sector, it’s great that there’s an event to showcase startups in this space. Comm startups should definitely look into attending, if not presenting, at this event!


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