This week insideCTI: 8/15/10 – 8/21/10

Another week, another telephony/CTI company embracing the Web… It’s a good strategy for Dialogic — that’s the only way to survive in today’s ecosystem. Everybody else is doing it!

Genesys G-Force 2010 APAC concluded this week in Melbourne, Australia. I wish I was there because I’d never visited Australia before. Oh, and to learn about how to “generate endless possibilities,” of course. There didn’t seem to be many gems that came out of this conference. There was quite a buzz about the Genesys Social Media Solution and I definitely would like to see it in action. All the big CRM vendors have this already, so it’s about time the CTI world catches up. Aside from that announcement, the Twitter stream for this G-Foce was sort of… meh.

Frost & Sullivan decided to pull Google into the UCC fight with a press release. I love and respect Big G for all its cool Web apps and technologies, but to me the company is far from ready to be a competitor in the UCC space. Maybe it will happen eventually, but until then it’s just a search giant. With that being said, it’d be an interesting business case to see how Google applies its open culture and fast tech to the offerings deemed UCC-friendly. Will it follow the footsteps of the highly successful Gmail? Or left in some sort of limbo like GrandCentral (predecessor to Google Voice)? Or face negligence by most people like Google Wave?

Have a great weekend, y’all.


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