Dialogic is embracing the Web

The company mostly known for making telephony boards has branched out into video and SBCs. It merged with Veraz Networks in May 2010. But fundamentally, Dialogic is also transforming itself into a Web development friendly company by going RESTful:

This is a departure for us, as our media servers have previously assumed a telephony-centric audience (and knowledge of “C” APIs or SIP for call control).  Moving more towards web services potentially allows a much wider developer base, and puts the tools into different hands.

Obviously, this is necessary in order to keep up with the trend and attract the new generation of developers. It’s always a plus when a company understands the needs of its developers and actually does something about it. New tools, revamped APIs, better documentation, etc. are always appreciated by the developer community.

Dialogic is also busy on the developer conference circuit, having recently attended ClueCon in Chicago. ClueCon is the premier telephony developers conference that is getting a lot of attention these days as more Web developers flock to code mashups with telephony and communications features. Dialogic wants to be there to help spread the gospel as well as remind developers of its historic significance in the telephony world.

The Web is not dead. Telephony is not dead. Creative developers have a hand in their astounding rebirth.


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