This week insideCTI: 8/8/10 – 8/14/10

Need to catch up on this week’s posts on insideCTI? Allow me to do you a favor here and save you some clicking…

InsideCTI wrapped up the SpeechTEK 2010 coverage earlier this week with a climatic “Tidbits” post. Check out the photos all taken with the iPhone 4, which sadly doesn’t really work around Times Square. The highlight of the trip? Paying homage to Apple at its Fifth Ave. Store. Wait, I take that back — the highlight was definitely meeting all the good folks in person since we’d last seen each other at previous other conferences.

The 2600hz Project also came into the spotlight. Hooray for another open source telephony software project! Seriously, this world can never get enough of open source stuff. Thumbs up, guys!

I weighed in somewhat pessimistically on the Polycom-Microsoft partnership announcement. Let’s just say that I deemed the “F” in UCIF as something other than “Forum.” Is the world ready for Microsoft Communications Server “14”?

By far the biggest news to break this week was Voxeo acquiring Teleku. The news broke on the night of Wednesday, August 11 — I just happened to check Twitter that night, otherwise I would’ve missed it. Even its official press released specified August 12 as the announcement date. Voxeo continues its shopping spree — what’s next in the competitive Web/cloud telephony space?

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