SpeechTEK: Empirix promotes TaaS

If there’s something weird, and it don’t look good — Who ya gonna call? …GhostBusters!

That is, if you’re dealing with ghouls and ghosts. What if you just want to make sure the contact center project is adequately implemented to handle real-world loads?

Empirix Hammer is who you’d call, of course.

Most folks are familiar with the company and its flagship product, known for load/stress testing IVRs, CTI systems, and agent workstations. But as the contact center evolved to adopt technologies such as virtualization, VOIP, SIP, and cloud computing, Empirix found itself becoming more than just a Hammer company. For a SpeechTEK exhibitor without a speech product, Empirix was there to tout its comprehensive list of quality assurance products and services — for speech-enabled systems or otherwise.

Tim Moynihan, VP of Marketing for Contact Center Solutions, framed the situation: It’s all about the impact of data in today’s contact centers. Virtualization? Data. VOIP? Data. SIP trunking? Data. Cloud computing? Data. Just about any new technology being deployed in the contact center today floods the network with more data. So besides worrying about external loads to the contact center systems, what about the internal infrastructure supporting them? Are the LAN and WAN able to keep up with the data-intensive demands of the 2010 contact center?

Enter Empirix. When it advertises cradle-to-grave testing, it really means it regardless of the medium (TDM or IP). Add to it performance monitoring, such as its OneSight for Contact Centers, which actively measures voice quality in the enterprise to aide optimization and troubleshooting of networks. Or in the words of Bob Hockman, Director of Product Marketing, Empirix aims to “get it right and keep it right.”

And that’s much more important in today’s economic environment. The contact center is often a company’s first line of defense — and sometimes, offense — in the business world. Ensuring a well-oiled contact center can mean millions of dollars worth of savings. As Moynihan points out, testing shouldn’t be about firefighting; it ought to be strategic.

To make its offerings more attractive to enterprises of various sizes, Empirix now has a leasing program which its equipment will reside on-site and the customer pays for subscription. What it calls TaaS, or Testing-as-a-Service. This solution definitely allows the customer to keep it right after getting it right.


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