SpeechTEK: Next generation Angel in the cloud

Angel.com has finally gotten over the dot-com era and rebranded itself simply as Angel with a nice logo of a wing. Its website still mentions Angel.com on several pages, but I’d imagine that’ll be corrected soon after SpeechTEK.

The company, a subsidiary of MicroStrategy, has always been a major player in cloud solutions. At SpeechTEK it unveiled the Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform, enabling the customer to create multichannel and multimodal applications with SMS, chat, voice biometrics, and mobile management features.

Thanks to close partnerships with the likes of Nuance, Holly Connects (recently acquired by West Interactive), and VoiceVault, Angel can offer a robust cloud platform in tune with the latest customer demands of speech and biometrics technology. According to David Toliver, Sr. Manager of Marketing & Communications, what really sets Angel apart from its competitors is its business intelligence analytics. That’s not surprising as MicroStrategy is one of the top BI vendors in the industry, and it only makes sense to incorporate that into Angel 4. And judging by the tremendous interest in analytics during this year’s SpeechTEK, Angel 4 is attracting a lot of attention.

Interestingly, Toliver revealed that customers aren’t pushing for social media integration at this point, although it is on the roadmap for the platform. That’s definitely a contrast to what went on at the co-conference, CRM Evolution.

Angel press release here:

New York, NY, SpeechTEK Conference – August 2, 2010 – AngelSM, a leading provider of enterprise focused, cloud based, customer engagement solutions, today announced the new Angel 4SM Customer Experience Platform, incorporating multi-channel/multi-modal forms of customer engagement and communications, including SMS, chat, voice biometrics and mobile management, to dramatically improve levels of enterprise customer self-service and satisfaction. At the SpeechTEK 2010 conference today, the company launched the new IVR and contact center platform along with the renaming of the company to Angel from Angel.com (www.angel.com).

The Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform leverages Angel’s unique Caller First strategy to help customer-driven organizations consistently deliver a superior caller experience. As a cloud-based on-demand platform, it is extremely easy to use and universally accessible from anywhere, including smart mobile phones. With embedded business intelligence from MicroStrategy®, it measures, reports, and easily enables fine tuning in real time to optimize customer interactions.

The new multi-modal communication capabilities enable a rich suite of communication channel options and customer experience application plug-ins to bring enterprises closer to their customers, all securely and seamlessly. Channel options include SMS, chat, web, mobile, e-mail, and phone communications. Plug-in options include voice biometrics, name and address capture, phone payment solutions, seamless CRM integration, workforce management, real-time transcription, and computer telephony integration.

“We continue to provide industry innovation to deliver a unified system that is on-demand, very easy to use, fully integrated, and dynamic,” said David Rennyson, President of Angel. “The Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform offers enterprise customers built-in business intelligence and multi-modal communications channels for optimal interaction and satisfaction.”

To support its ongoing large-enterprise customer base, the company has changed its name to Angel, with accompanying new rebranding and web site. “Our new name and look reflect the evolution and growth of our company to support some of the biggest enterprise brands in their respective industries,” added Rennyson.

Angel offers a complete suite of IVR and contact center applications that enable customers to easily build, manage, and make updates via a simple Internet connection. Because the Angel platform is a fully on-demand solution, no investment in hardware, software, or staffing is required. The new platform allows customers to launch custom applications and automate multi-channel interactions in a fraction of the time required with traditional on-premise solutions. The company also offers a white label solution to channel partners such as Qwest to deliver the same benefits under a privately branded solution.

Angel is co-presenting today at the SpeechTEK 2010 luncheon for conference attendees with customer AstraZeneca on the benefits in containment, lead generation, and millions in savings that can be achieved, and will be demonstrating the new features of the platform at the conference exhibition.

The Angel 4 Customer Experience Platform is available immediately – please go to www.angel.com for more information.

About Angel
Angel is a leading provider of enterprise focused, cloud based, customer engagement solutions, including Caller First focused Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Call Center solutions. These solutions enable enterprise organizations to quickly deploy voice, SMS, chat and business intelligence applications. More than 1,600 customers worldwide turn to Angel’s proprietary customer engagement technology to power customer experience, marketing and sales needs. Angel’s solutions are built on an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and require no investment in hardware, software, or human resources, balancing the need for high quality communications with affordable pay-as-you-go pricing.

Media Contact
Gabe Kaufman


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