Countdown to SpeechTEK (and CRM Evolution)

As animal herds in Africa are in search of greener pastures and water sources during the summer months, there’s also another migration to witness. However, this trek occurs in North America.

New York City, to be precise.

Droves of contact center and CRM industry analysts, vendors, executives, freelancers, and geeks converge at Times Square to satiate their thirst for neon lights, gigantic billboards, delicious foods, Broadway shows, and endless merchandising. That is, if the boss isn’t around.

Otherwise, it’s better to show up at the Marriott Marquis for the annual SpeechTEK and CRM Evolution conference. Learn a few things about speech analytics, VUI design, and the latest in speech technology. Ponder upon the reason why the majority of contact centers aren’t speech-enabled. Find words to convince the boss on purchasing and implementing speech technology. Confront speech vendors on why their implementation at your call center still sucked.

But what about CRM Evolution, the twin sister of SpeechTEK?

Do you really want to know? I can summarize it in two words: social media. CRM has evolved, and SCRM (Social CRM) is the new buzzword. Remember to keep tabs on how many times you hear “SCRM” during the conference. You might get tired of hearing it after the first day…

Yours truly will be among the geek bloggers attending this event starting Monday, August 2. Hit me up (via social media or leave a comment) if you’d like to have a beer or meal together while in the Big Apple. I may treat, depending on the outcome of this experiment


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