Hate to be put on hold? There’s an app for that…

Smartphone developers continue to come up with creative apps to make our lives easier, especially when dealing with IVRs and contact centers in general.

Once you get past the IVR menus and finally get transferred to an agent… well, usually you sit in a queue first listening to calming music. If the music isn’t to your liking, then be thankful that LucyPhone will sit in queue for you and ring you when an agent is available. You can use LucyPhone on its website or download the iPhone app for free.

This type of contact center application isn’t new — companies like Virtual Hold Technology have “virtual queuing” and “callback” solutions for some time now. What’s different is that LucyPhone gives the consumer this capability irregardless of whether virtual queuing is offered by the contact center itself. And better yet, available at the tip of your finger (literally).

LucyPhone from Decogram Corporation on Vimeo.

As simple as this sounds, implementing a virtual queue or callback feature creates a very effective pro-customer message: We value your time very much. However, many contact centers continue to neglect this type of technology and focus on managing queue times and what type of on-hold messages/music to play. That’s still fairly important, but today’s smart and tech-savvy customers expect a lot more, and they are ready to abandon ship for a competitor if their customer service experience is less than favorable.

I can see contact centers wanting to partner with LucyPhone as a way to help their frustrated customers without having to go through the product and implementation pains of virtual queuing. LucyPhone is accepting business inquiries, although not prominently featured on the website (see the Contact page). This is definitely one company I’d like to follow up with…


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