QuickFuse is not quick enough to the Web telephony game

As much as I love to see another competitor in the crowded Web telephony space, I’d have to agree with Om on this one: QuickFuse (by Plum Voice) is not quick enough. Voxeo, Tropo, Twilio, Teleku, etc. have pretty much stolen the buzz in this space and then some, so I can only see QuickFuse’s entrance as a play on even more competitive pricing — shrinking margins for everyone.

Plum itself has a good list of high-profile customers, and I wonder if QuickFuse was introduced to acquire more businesses in the small and medium segment. Maybe the big clients still aren’t spending money on IVR projects in this economy.

I’m a fan of the convergence between Web and telephony technologies, so I certainly wish the best to the folks at QuickFuse/Plum. After all, it is through competition that drives innovation, and we all agree that there’s still plenty of room to innovate in Web telephony.


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