Nu Echo releases NuGram Server Free Developer Edition and NuGram IDE 2.2

A busy day for Nu Echo, a leading speech recognition grammar development platform company based in Montreal, Canada. The company announces the availability of its NuGram Server Free Developer Edition:

One of the revolutionary features of the NuGram Platform is the ability to develop dynamic grammarsjust as easily as static grammars, using the same powerful environment and set of tools, and to deploy them as simply as JSP pages. This means that there is no longer any need for the traditionally complex, error prone, and difficult to test approaches for developing dynamic grammars. Until now, however, developers could not easily experiment with the dynamic grammar features of the NuGram Platform since, in order to do so, they were required to purchase a license of NuGram Server. With the introduction of a Free Developer Edition, this is no longer the case.

Download NuGram Server Developer Edition now!

And version 2.2 of NuGram IDE:

The most important feature introduced in this release is the support for Java to populate dynamic grammars. When using NuGram IDE, you use the exact same code to test and tune your grammar that will run in production, but without the long deployment cycle associated with stopping, deploying and restarting a Java web application. And deploying your grammars in NuGram Server is as simple as deploying JSP pages.

Speech geeks, go forth and frolic in the merry ways of grammar development!


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