See you at ACCE New Orleans

I will provide coverage of ICMI’s ACCE Conference & Expo in New Orleans next week, bringing you the latest news and trends in contact center management. Already on the conference agenda are lots of sessions about social media, so that’s definitely on the minds of many management staff. I’m also looking forward to the keynotes, especially from John Foley, a former top pilot of the Blue Angels and now motivational speaker/businessman.

The one thing that may come up in conversations is the Gulf oil spill which has hit the state hard, and starting to have an impact on the neighboring Gulf coast states. I have read reports that some New Orleans residents have complained about a mysterious odor, but no official word on the origin. Of course, many people suspect the odor comes from the spill. At any rate, Louisiana needs our help in cleaning its shores and beaches and saving the precious wildlife from this environmental crisis. There are many ways to help, one being the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana which is a local non-profit organization that’s been dedicated to the cause since 1985.

Have a great weekend and see you in New Orleans!


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