NICE press releases, not so nice link

NICE is throwing one big party at the Gaylord Texan for its customers right now — the NICE Interactions ’10 Annual Customer Conference. With it comes two noteworthy press releases: being recognized as the leading vendor for WFM by DMG Consulting and the availability of IEX Release 4.

But unfortunately, in the latter press release a link was provided to the Interactions ’10 site which takes the clicker to a malformed site:

“Optimizing Customer Dynamics cannot be accomplished without managing the contact center workforce effectively,” said Debbie May, president of the NICE IEX Workforce Management Group.” The new version of our Workforce Management solution enables our customers to run a more effective and efficient contact center, by better managing the complexities of a multi-channel, multi-skill and multi-site workforce. The expanded language support also allows companies in new geographical markets to reap the benefits of NICE IEX Workforce Management.”

For more information about Interactions ’10, go to:

Remove the last slash after index.php and you should be fine. But whatever happened to double-checking not just the spelling but also all links within a press release?


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