Genesys G-Force: New sponsor BearPaw Software rolls out the red carpet

My sources have arrived at G-Force and ready to provide you with the latest and greatest from Genesys! First report from a source:

This year’s G-Force is at the historic Chicago Hilton hotel. The welcome reception started around 5:30pm and was sponsored by BearPaw Software. They really did a good job and it was a nice start to the next two full days of festivities. (Thanks Duane!!!)

This is noteworthy as I believe it’s the first time BearPaw Software is a sponsor? According to G-Force’s website, it is this year’s “Special Sponsor.” If anyone can find out what it means to be a “special sponsor” please contact me! BearPaw actually has a suite of contact center products tied into Genesys — something rare among third-party shops that feed off the Genesys ecosystem (most just offer augmented PS services). Definitely keep an eye on this company…

The turnout is better then last year with 700+ customers, sponsors, and employees attending. Everyone seems to be excited about this years G-Force, or maybe they are excited because their Genesys representative is taking them out for a big steak dinner. We will see!!

Increased attendance is great news, perhaps a sign of economic recovery in these uncertain times? However, I’d attribute parts of it to the location, Chicago, being in the middle of the country. Last year’s was in Orlando — way east and way south — which discouraged many west coast people from going, especially during the downturn as well. Oh yes, Chicago has better steakhouses, too! Bonus for hungry customers.

So far, the big questions from attendees are around Genesys IP/SIP and Genesys release 8. Is it reliable? Is it going to be like the other Genesys major releases (6.0, 7.0)? Will customers be  pushing for Genesys 8.5 before years end? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Well, hopefully all of our questions will be answered tomorrow. We will continue to update our insideCTI readers on what’s happening at G-Force 2010. So, please check back.

Ah, Genesys 8.0. Consultants shudder at the thought of a “dot oh.” I have seen some demos of G8 and was impressed. But then, that’s what demos are supposed to do. It’s the on-site consultants who keep Genesys honest as they’re the ones in the field implementing the thing. As part of the marketing effort, I think Genesys 8 ought to be branded “GR8” (“Genesys Release 8”) to calm fears and stay hip! //


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