Countdown to Genesys G-Force 2010

This year hundreds of CTI nerds will descend upon the Windy City in search of best practices, new products, quality services, and a very good time. I was at G-Force Orlando last year and had a blast. If there’s one thing Genesys knows how to do well outside of CTI it’s throwing a great party.

Which buzzwords will dominate the conference this year? My guesses are “SIP” and “social media.” Will there be Genesys partners who’ll come out on top to impress attendees in their latest product offerings? What new things about Alcatel-Lucent and Genesys will we learn?

Regrettably I will not be at this conference because, well, I have better uses for $1,600. Actually, it’s because I’d already booked to attend the eCommerce Summit instead. But faithful readers, fear not! I will still provide coverage thanks to others who will be on-site experiencing CTI bliss. Oooohhhhh… Genesysssssss…

Have a great G-Force!


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