VoiceCon: Visiting the niche, Unimax and IQ Services

When I attend a trade show such as VoiceCon, I do my best to also stroll the “outer fringes” of the show floor, away from the noise and glitter of megabooths, because you never know what you may find and learn. Well, I’ve found two companies to share with you. These companies have been in the telecom industry for a while, serving customers large and small. What they do may not dazzle you like an Avaya demo or wow you like Cisco, but you will still be impressed because their products and services solve everyday business problems. In fact, you may end up slapping your forehead thinking, Why didn’t I think of this? or, I’ve thought about this but why didn’t I do something about it?

Unimax has a product named 2nd Nature that does PBX management. Before you open your mouth to yawn, it’s the PBX management software to end all PBX management software. 2nd Nature supports PBXs and voice messaging systems from multiple vendors: Avaya, AVST, Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft, and others. Imagine a single interface to manage all of your PBXs in the enterprise. More often than not an organization grows through acquisitions or new branch offices, and instead of replacing newly acquired telecom assets or hiring additional telecom resources, why not just use something like 2nd Nature? Additionally, Phil Moen (President and CEO) and Todd Remely (Director of Marketing) also touted the product’s redundancy and audit features — something that’s certainly very important to an organization with a sizable telecom infrastructure. As a contact center consultant I have previously worked for a few customers who struggled with managing their various PBX platforms. After learning about Unimax and seeing their product in action at VoiceCon, I did indeed slap my forehead…

Stopping by IQ Services‘ booth Cheryl Fortier, Account Exective at IQ Services, and her colleague, Suzanne Boston, handed me a printout titled “How do you know it all works together? (Communications and Contact Center Solution Infrastructure)” This question should be asked by anyone deploying a contact center solution, but is sometimes ignored. And honestly, the answer is “You don’t know.” Until you are able to run tests against the solution. IQ Services and Empirix, which you’ve probably heard of, are the two companies with enough horsepower to stress test your contact center system, from the IVR all the way to the desktop. Previously I was only aware of Empirix and always thought that they’d monopolized the market, but now I know that customers have another choice in IQ Services. Competition is a good thing in this industry!


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