VoiceCon: Nectar sweetens the path to managed VoIP

You may not have heard of Nectar Services Corp., but every year near Valentine’s Day when you reach for that phone to order flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS, be thankful that Nectar’s Enterprise Session Management (ESM) solution is doing its job. Otherwise, you may never reach an agent to place that important order. And of course, ESM helps the flower delivery company cut costs by giving them the ability to dynamically adjust their IP telephony resources according to seasonal call volumes.

But Nectar also does a lot more to help businesses that are contemplating an IP transition. In my briefing with VP of Product Management, Carl Baptiste, at VoiceCon, the word he used the most was “compelling” — the products and services offered by Nectar aim to be irresistible to a potential customer eyeing a jump into VoIP. He gave an enthused pitch of the company and its offerings, plus a quick demo of ESM.

During VoiceCon the company made two significant announcements: one in the area of SIP session border control and the other in a partnership with Brocade.

These two announcements are significant because it completes the whole picture for Nectar. In dealing with SIP it is important to setup session demarcation between your own network and what goes beyond it. Security and quality are major concerns, hence a market for SBC boxes. However, boxes are expensive and SBC configuration and management are often complex processes. With the latest hosted vSBC (virtual SBC) offering from Nectar, companies can take care of border control with the least amount of time and effort using the software-as-a-service platform. That is indeed compelling stuff:

“The Nectar vSBC hosted model allows an enterprise to be up and running with the full functionality of a Session Border Controller in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost,” said Baptiste.  “Plus, by fully supporting both H.323 and SIP protocols, we provide a true migration path to a fully converged SIP network that supports legacy protocols; clearing the path for unified communications.”

The partnership with Brocade allows Nectar’s Converged Management Platform (CMP) to be used for UC applications over Brocade IP networks:

“We’re huge proponents of converged voice, video, and data networks, but we also recognize the real management challenges that come along with an integrated architecture,” said Joe Fuccillo, CTO for Nectar Services. “Nectar has expanded the capabilities of our Converged Management Platform to include Brocade networking solutions, adding a new layer of management and visibility for voice applications. Very simply, we’re putting valuable analytics in the hands of customers so they know exactly what’s going on within their converged network.”

The benefits of SIP is undisputed in today’s business and technical environment. Nectar positions itself as one-of-the-kind in the industry to provide the products and services to effectively manage and make that transition.


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