Obligatory ‘what I expect at VoiceCon’ post

Well, it appears that many other industry pundits and analysts are posting their VoiceCon previews and expectations, so I figure I better do it too. I mean, I certainly don’t want readers to feel disappointed by my lack of expectations prior to the conference in sunny Orlando…

I expect to see the keynote speakers wear Mickey Mouse ears, or at least the Goofy ears, during their presentations about industry trends, latest technologies, and company news. What better way to capture the attention of hundreds of over-caffeinated telecom geeks professionals, media hounds analysts, and vacationing exhibiting executives? And if you really want to impress the audience, work out a deal with Pixar (a Disney company) to show the new Toy Story 3 trailer in 3D. It’s okay that Woody and Buzz are more popular than you when in Orlando…

I expect Nortel employees to show up in t-shirts saying “I’m with Avaya,” and Avaya employees in shirts that say “I <3 Nortel”… This would be a great way to assure your customers that everything after the acquisition is a-okay. Who needs a product roadmap when you’ve got employees that publicly demonstrate their affection for each other? Team hugs between “exponentially better” employees also encouraged.

I expect nobody at the Aspect booth to openly use an Apple iPhone. It’s frowned upon at Microsoft, and therefore the same should apply to Aspect.

Lastly, I expect Cisco to forever change the Internet. Oh wait, did it already do that? Then how come my March Madness streaming games via CBS Sports is still so choppy over my 12 Mbps broadband connection?

In all seriousness, I am very excited to attend VoiceCon to learn what companies are doing to fulfill the latest customer demands. I am also looking forward to network and meet new people and actually shake hands instead of tweeting or exchanging emails….

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