RIP, Peter Bryant Exchange

The PBX is dead — obituary as follows:

Peter Bryant Exchange, commonly known as PBX, died yesterday at the age of 45 from complications related to advancement in telecom.

Mr. Exchange leaves his beloved wife, Teresa Denise Marilyn, and two young children, Ian Peter and Uma Catherine.

In his early years, Mr. Exchange excelled in his academic work, graduating top of his classes throughout his life. Upon receiving a Masters degree from MIT, Mr. Exchange was presented with several job offers, mostly from Fortune 500 companies. He decided to become a consultant instead, working for various firms on many projects throughout his life, specializing in the innovative field of telephony. Vocal and opinionated, he had a tremendous impact on how to streamline business communications and cut costs. His work continues to be cited regularly by business leaders around the world — their successful business operations often the result of Mr. Exchange’s visionary contribution. Many companies today were built on the foundation laid out by Mr. Exchange’s lifelong work.

His favorite number was ‘9’.

A funeral was held earlier in the presence of close friends and family, with private burial.

Rest in peace, PBX. We have great hope in your children.


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