Dialogic wants one gateway to rule them all

Who doesn’t love SIP these days? Companies big and small these days are high on sipping. With that came a market for SIP trunking for wider adoption and cost savings, and border demarcation (i.e. Session Border Control) for security and conversion.

SIP trunking services are offered by the ISPs and IP carriers. Forget about the PSTN to merge your corporate telephony network — go with SIP trunks and all of your enterprise phones could talk to each other in a short time. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve deployed a trusty VoIP solution.

But when the VoIP call has to go outside of the corporation, what happens? That’s when media gateways and session border controllers (SBCs) come to play. Media gateways are normally sold by the telephony vendors as well, especially the traditional TDM PBX vendors because of their migration path to VoIP. The new market where money is made is in VoIP border control and security. Right now Acme Packet leads the pack in that area, but others like Dialogic are starting to salivate over that piece of pie…

It appears that Dialogic is planning to stuff every feature possible into a new gateway product — in essence, “Lord of the Gateways”:

We are in the process of developing a new product which we are currently calling the Dialogic Border Gateway. The Dialogic Border Gateway will enable the connection of virtually any type of network trunk, either a PSTN Trunk or a SIP Trunk, with virtually any premise based PBX, legacy TDM PBX, hybrid PBX, or IP-PBX. The Border Gateway will also provide the required security functions to establish a demarcation point between the enterprise network edge and the service provider network. In future posts I will provide more detail on the Border Gateway product as well as some addition insight into the SIP Trunking market. I welcome others to share their insights in these areas as well.

Wow, can it also vacuum my house?! This will be a gateway to end all gateways. Details are still vague, but definitely keep an eye on this one.


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