Is VoIP a diversion?

What intrigued me from the latest No Jitter post by Jason Alley of SmartContact Consulting isn’t the case for more turnkey contact center solutions, but rather this interesting statement about VoIP being a diversion:

What we are left with is much the same functionality that existed in the TDM world, delivered in a less integrated fashion, running on significantly more complex technology infrastructures. We are left with an industry where most systems are far from being turnkey.

Hmmm. He does make a very good point. What has VoIP brought us that traditional TDM doesn’t already have? In fact, I remember some contact center folks arguing against VoIP phones because they lacked the all too familiar dial tone! So in that regard VoIP took us back a couple of steps.

I’m also reminded of Naveen Narayan’s guest post making a case against more investment in voice infrastructure.

If TDM worked so well in contact centers for decades, why is VoIP taking over the world? Have we all been taken on a costly ride by Cisco’s marketing department?

You be the judge.


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