Is the Nortel brand telecom’s plague?

It may very well be the end of an era for Nortel as nobody is interested in buying the name. The company was carved up into various businesses to be auctioned and sold off, but the brand failed to attract any buyers:

When Nortel Networks decided to auction itself off in pieces, its name was of the items on block. But now with its last business unit slated to go to Genband, Nortel hasn’t found anyone interested in taking up the moniker despite its long history in the industry.

Genband executive vice president and chief marketing officer Mehmet Balos said Genband had the option of buying the name when it placed its bid on Nortel’s switching and VoIP divison, but it declined. Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC), Ciena (NASDAQ:CIEN), Avaya and Hitachi all left the Nortel logo on the table to as they carved off their respective pieces in Nortel’s CDMA, GSM, packet core, enterprise and optical businesses.

Incorporated as the Northern Electric and Manufacturing company in 1895, the company is one of the oldest in communications, becoming Northern Telecom in 197os and Nortel Networks in the 1980s.

How about auctioning it off on eBay and let common people bid on it? I’m sure some ex-employees or telecom professionals may be interested? I know I am. I’ll start the bid at $20.


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