Hate IVR menus? There’s an app for that…

Does your organization have an IVR, running a self-service application that maybe you’re very proud of? Well, it’s time for you to rethink your IVR strategy because IVR hatred has really gone mainstream with the release of Fonolo for iPhone. The app is free. And it has won awards.

According to Fonolo, here’s how the app can help you:

Tired of pressing 1 for this and 2 for that? We’ve mapped out the phone menus for hundreds of companies. Find the spot you need to call, then tap, and we’ll automatically connect you. Fonolo also organizes your history with each company, allowing you to save notes and listen to call recordings.

Do you call the same company and navigate to the same point over and over again? Bookmark that spot with Fonolo and next time you can easily repeat that call with a single tap. Your call history, notes and bookmarks can also be accessed via our website at fonolo.com.

Pretty neat application, especially the web integration. It’s almost like del.icio.us for IVRs.


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