Cisco beefing up its iPhone apps

Just more evidence that the Apple iPhone is making good headway into enterprise communications . RIM BlackBerry beware! Cisco will commit to enhance its existing iPhone app to feature voice-over-Wi-Fi capabilities:

Cisco sees voice over Wi-Fi for the iPhone as a less expensive way to communicate because it would eliminate the need to use cellular voice minutes when placing a call in a Wi-Fi zone, said Laurent Philonenko, general manager of Cisco’s unified communications business unit.

The upcoming version, to be called Cisco Mobile Voice, will also be free and is expected to be available by April. Among the new features it will offer is “shake to lock,” which allows a user to end a call with a simple shaking gesture of the phone, he said. Another, named “call preservation,” allows a phone call to stay connected, even if a user opens a different application in the iPhone.

The trend is that mobile devices will dominate enterprise communications in the coming years. Vendors such as Cisco and Avaya are leading the way in adapting to this trend with innovative mobile apps. Those who do not embrace the mobile device will be left behind, no matter how good your IP-PBX or IP phone is.


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