Convergys recognized as ‘Best Call Center Technology Provider’ in China

Convergys further cements its global reputation as a contact center leader with this award from the China Call Center and CRM Association:

(Cincinnati and Beijing; January 28, 2010) – Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG), a global leader in relationship management, announced today that the China Call Center & CRM Association (CNCCA) has named Convergys the “Best Call Center Technology Provider of 2009 in China.”

Voted on by experts throughout the contact center industry, Convergys received the prestigious award based on its expertise in relationship management and holistic approach to customer solutions, its rich experience implementing global technology innovations, as well as its continued commitment to the development of the Chinese contact center market.

Convergys is a key player in the Chinese financial services industry, where its Edify Voice Interaction Platform powers millions of instances of customer self-service.

“To be recognized by our industry peers with this prestigious award is a great honor,” said Benjamin Hart, Convergys Managing Director of Relationship Technology Management, Asia Pacific.  “Because customer service is directly linked with the benefits and profits of an enterprise, Convergys provides its clients with a 360-degree, well-rounded customer management solution. We construct a complete and integrated solution based on the understanding and analysis of the strategy, needs, and desired goals of our clients, thereby helping them achieve their overall goals of high customer satisfaction and revenue growth.”

The China Call Center & CRM Association’s award ceremony is the industry’s annual event and it has the aim of promoting the concept of customer care in order to improve call center operations, to establish international call center standards, and to drive further growth of the call center industry in China.

This is significant considering the size of the Chinese market. Who doesn’t want a piece of the action there these days?

Although the press release touts its Edify platform, my question is, What ever happened to its Intervoice acquisition? In 2008 it paid $335 million in cash for the acquisition — hardly pocket change. It already had Edify (bought in 2005), but obviously the company still saw an opportunity with adding another voice platform to its product portfolio. Right now there doesn’t seem to be any plans to consolidate the two voice platforms, either. If the Intervoice acquisition was merely to increase customer base, then there’s the risk of product fragmentation and all the headaches that goes along with it. Convergys is clearly going the opposite way of what Avaya-Nortel decided to do.


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