Holly Connects releases Holly5 update

Boston-based Holly Connects, a voice platform software vendor, announces Holly5 5.1, with major improvements:

The web-based reporting and analytics capabilities of Holly5 have been completely revamped in version 5.1 to provide greater versatility, easier customization, and increased speed. New trending reports can track system metrics over minutes, days, or months. New comparison reports can display differences in system metrics based on server, application, or even caller behavior. “Holly customers have some of the largest, most complex voice platform deployments in the world, so they generate tremendous volumes of call data,” said Ray Teale, Chief Technology Officer for Holly Connects. “The new telco-grade reporting and analytics tools in Holly 5 make sifting through that data easy and efficient, quickly identifying opportunities to improve operations and perfect caller interaction.”

Many functional areas of Holly5 have been enhanced in version 5.1 to support innovative applications. The wide selection of speech technology supported has been expanded to include the latest products from Cepstral, Loquendo, Nuance Communications, and Vlingo, plus applications now can incorporate utterance re-recognition using multiple grammars to improve accuracy. New configuration options more efficiently blend inbound and outbound applications. Optimized call recording now can be enabled on all channels while maintaining full system capacity. VoiceXML access to SIP header fields, a simplified vendor-agnostic CTI interface, and improved whisper transfer facility enable a superior caller experience by tightly integrating Holly5 applications with other call processing elements. “Companies at the forefront of voice automation seek out Holly knowing we can meet their novel business and engineering challenges even when others cannot,” said Lance Berks, Chief Executive Officer of Holly Connects. “Numerous improvements to Holly5 are the direct result of discussions with our visionary customers and are being provided in anticipation of mainstream market trends.”

Holly Connects was included in Gartner’s IVR Visionaries Quadrant in 2008 for its unique voice platform solution. Holly5 is available for Solaris, Red Hat Linux, and CentOS.


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