Voxeo does more shopping

Orlando-based Voxeo is putting that $9 million investment in November 2009 to good use in 2010: acquiring ClackPoint. As the press release points out:

ClackPoint is Voxeo’s eighth acquisition in the last two years. The acquisition builds on Voxeo’s strategy to enable Unified Self-Service and Unified Communications applications across voice, video, SMS, USSD, IM and the mobile web, and aligns with Voxeo’s May 2009 acquisition of IMified, the world’s largest hosted instant messaging application development and deployment platform.

Voxeo will continue to enhance and deliver the ClackPoint service. Voxeo will also release new products and services based on ClackPoint technology in 2010. To learn how to use ClackpPoint for free or to embed ClackPoint conferencing in any website, mashup, or application including Google Wave just visit the ClackPoint FAQ.

Eighth acquisition! No other IVR company has been on a buying spree like Voxeo. Maybe Cisco comes close?


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